How To Best Display Your Pictures Using Photo Frames

Although art collectors and historians may dispute, the history of the picture frame can be traced back in the middle of the fourteenth century and sixteenth century. Imagine what it would look like if nobody thought that images and pieces of art are better framed. Art galleries and collectors may find themselves surrounded by a disarray of paintings tacked onto walls just like detachable ordinary drawings. Fortunately, frames did come out, with a wide selection you can choose from.

You can follow the steps mentioned below so that you can showcase your pictures in the best possible way.

1. Choose high-quality materials to match with the photos you like to frame. Picture frames can be made out of timber, metal, glass, and acrylic; each of these materials can enhance the visual effect of your photos when you are able to select the one that matches the picture. For example, you can better present a contemporary style wedding photo using a modern acrylic photo frame instead of an ornate timber frame. Careful scrutiny of the quality of the photo frame will ensure that what you buy will last for many years.

2. Strive to balance your interior decoration with the picture frame. Having mismatched pieces inside your home is not appealing and may not be appreciated by your visitors or anyone who stays in the house. This is the same with photo albums that don’t have the proper sequence or layout. Therefore, you have to take into consideration the design and material of the photo frames you will be using with the style of your home and the space where you will put the pictures. The perfect match for those rustic farmhouses or quaint Cape Cod type homes will be timber frames with decorative details or carvings.

3. Pick the right size. For the central art piece in your living room, choose a large frame for the family photo. A smaller frame with your child’s picture will look more presentable when placed in a smaller room. Put in mind that you want to draw attention to a cherished photo while at the same time enhancing the interior of your home.

4. Bear in mind the features of the mat board and the glass. The type of mat board you will use could help preserve very old photos while the glass will reveal how the photos will look when displayed in a particular space with the proper lighting. Make it a point to ask the virtual store about acid-free and lignin-free mat boards, and frames designed not to hold photos that will sit directly against the glass when you buy your photo frames online. Check out this website of a photo frames manufacturer on the internet to get a glimpse of their products that you can also order online.

Wedding Gazebos Stress Form and Function

Wedding gazebos are a timeless staple of celebration decor which add class and style to any event, but especially enhance the beauty of a wedding.

Traditionally, the gazebos are octagon, providing a Victorian or Colonial feel the design. The size you’re looking for will be dependent on how you plan to use the gazebo. Smaller structures work well for small ceremonies in which the wedding party uses the shelter as a focal point. But, larger gazebos can cover whole receptions.

The octagon gazebos add to the landscape portrait as well as service a functional purpose. Many ceremonies have been conducted at the gazebo entrance, with the presiding official at the gazebo entrance between the columns and the happy couple just below.

Many more wedding photos have included the wedding gazebo, sometimes with the wedding party outlining the structure.

A 10 foot diameter octagon is the bare essential and works well in a backyard setting, but for more public usage and larger weddings, 14 foot and larger diameter octagon gazebos should be considered.

The most conventional color for wedding gazebos mirrors bridal gown traditions: white. White vinyl is the most popular choice for its white, smooth and maintenance free finish. Treated pine gazebos may be painted white, but cedar can also be used for an entirely different rustic look.

The gazebo requires a level foundation, which may extend just beyond the perimeter of the gazebo, may be made of flat stoned gravel, paver stones or concrete. Landscaping choices can conceal most of the foundation, or with prior planning, the foundation may be used as part of the landscaping.

Like bridal gowns, wedding gazebos may be modern, straight and simple or they may be ornate, lavish and detailed. Geography and budget usually play the largest roles in selection, but always consider the aesthetics, styling and photo-potential of any structure used for your wedding!

Wedding Photographer and Wedding Venue – Tips For the Bride and Groom

Often the ‘bride and groom to be’ approach me in the very early stages of their wedding planning and are undecided on their wedding venue. I often get asked the question by these young couples looking to get married, whether or not the wedding venue makes a difference to the wedding photographs. There is no simple answer to this question – it is actually yes and no.

As a professional wedding photographer, I have been to many wedding venues in Johannesburg, many of which have truly breathtaking surroundings. It is for that reason that I say ‘yes’ to the above question, because obviously a beautiful wedding venue such as the many wedding venues in Muldersdrift (namely Oakfield Farm, Glenburn Lodge, Avianto, Moon and Sixpence, Gardenworld, etc) have both beautiful landscapes and gardens in which to take unique wedding photos.

I got married at a wedding venue called Glencove which is part of Glenburn Lodge that I absolutely loved (and still do – I am such a sentimental fool…) because the gardens and the chapel and the whole setting is just so intimate and romantic….. I just love it!

One of my favourite wedding photographs is one where my husband and I are standing on the bridge over the river, looking into each others eyes and the lighting is just beautiful. It is the perfect setting for the perfect wedding photograph and it completely captured the moment. Having said that, I think any photo where my husband & I are looking into each other’s eyes would be special to me, regardless of the background or the lighting or the setting. It is precisely for that reason, that I also say ‘no’ to the question about wedding venues making a difference to the photographs.

Well that, and also because a good photographer can usually work around most settings and find ways to make the photographs beautiful and unique. A good wedding photographer captures the special moments and the emotions of your wedding day and the setting shouldn’t make a difference to any of that.

The most rustic, basic venue can make for beautiful and unique photographs. Likewise for an ultra-modern supposedly ‘unromantic’ setting…. Obviously, depending on your photographer and the kind of style of photographs you prefer, many photos can be very clich├ęd so be sure to choose your photographer and your wedding venue accordingly.

All in all, I always recommend that you choose a venue that you feel comfortable with, that you resonate with and that you really love, for no rational or logical reason – but simply because it feels good to you. Trust me, when you feel good, the photographs will show it and you will be the most beautiful bride and groom in your own unique way. I wish you the wedding of your dreams and photos that you will cherish forever!

Personalized Wedding Table Numbers

Would you like a unique way to display your table numbers at your wedding? Wedding table centerpieces are one way you can absolutely put a finishing touch on your wedding table decor.

Wedding table numbers have become a huge hit for all brides when it comes to decorating your wedding tables at your reception. Every bride looks for a way to make their wedding reception unique, and personalized centerpieces are just the way to do that. Each display can be customized exactly to the brides own personal taste and give the bride a endless number of choices to personalize their table decor. Some of the options you can choose from include variations in size, style, color, font, and pictures to include. These picture displays can be personalized with any photos and can have any saying,letters, or numbers you choose making them extremely unique and personalized. Brides can use these personalized displays to tell a story about them and their partner, display photos of each throughout the years, or even quote their favorite poems etc. Table Numbers are a perfect way for the bride to add uniqueness to their wedding decor. Beautiful table decor at wedding receptions will almost always leaves a lasting impression on the bride and grooms guest.

There are two different types of materials you can choose from when designing your own table numbers, metal or wood. The fact that you have two options in material selection gives you a lot of flexibility to choose the perfect personalized photo display that will match your decor. If you decide you go are going to have more of a country rustic look, most brides tend to go with a wooden frame. If you’re looking for a more elegant clean look, another option would be the high-resolution metal display.

Wedding table numbers can be made into several different sizes, styles, etc. Standard sizes include 4×6, 5×7 and 8×10. Typical style options to choose from include a solid standard color or a rustic distressed look. Each individual style looks absolutely stunning and is personalized in a way that is solely the choice of the brides taste. There are also thousands of fonts to choose from. The bride is given the flexibility if she chooses something she does not like she can always go back and change her decision. This option is priceless when making a decision on exactly what you want something to look like.

If you are looking for that unique style and touch at your wedding, Personalized wedding table displays are just the touch to make a lasting memory on that special day.