Ocean City Maryland Wedding Venues

Ocean City Maryland is a brilliant spot for your beach wedding. The free public beach is ideal for priceless photos and memories for you and your guests. If you are planning a reception after your ceremony, I’d like to recommend the top spots at the beach.

The Oceanfront Courtyard Marriott is Ocean City’s newest hotel. Located on 15th street on the boardwalk, the second level atrium is ideal for cocktails and appetizers. Inside you’ll find the Captain’s Table restaurant. The Captain’s Table was a local’s favorite for over thiry years and has been completely renovated in this beautiful new building. The Macadamaia encrusted Halibut is spectacular!

Lighthouse Sound is a picturesque golf course in Bishopville. Located on the bay directly across from the Route 90 bridge, this venue offers gorgeous panoramic views of the Ocean City skyline. The short drive along St. Martin’s Neck Road from Coastal Highway is breathtaking. Ducks and geese abound in this natural setting. The rustic interior design includes an ornate fireplace, lofty ceilings and plush leather chairs. The Chilean Seabass is amazing!

Fager’s Island on 59th street and the bay offers a wealth of options. The upstairs offers fine dining with views of the bay. Owner John Fager imports the most exotic wine Europe has to offer along with an assortment of popular local craft beers. There is an outdoor beach for small ceremonies and receptions as well as a pier and gazebo that stretch out into the bay. Fager’s is renowned for their sunsets which are always accompanied by the 1812 Overture as the red sun sinks into the water. Every Monday in season is the their famous deck party with live bands, djs and a luau. Fager’s also owns to premier hotels within walking distance of the restaurant. The Lighthouse and the Edge both offer intimate Honeymoon Suites.

These unique Mediterranean themed properties are the most elaborate that Ocean City has to offer. Seacrets is the most famous business in Ocean City. Truly world renowned, this is the most exciting spot on the eastern seaboard. In addition to hosting it’s own radio station, Seacrets brings in national recording acts and DJs for its daily summer parties. Weddings at Seacrets usually take place on the north side of the island. Brides take a boat from the south side to the pier next to the altar. In the offseason, Morley Hall is available for rental as well. Saturdays are too busy for a Seacrets wedding, so plan for Friday or Sunday in the offseason. Seacrets is known for their signature drinks and Jamaican Jerk Chicken. The Grand Hotel on 21st st. has two banquet rooms to accommodate your reception. The curved façade make it a beautiful backdrop for your beach wedding photos. The Grand sits on the boardwalk and is literally a ten second walk to the beach. The sixth floor dining offers dazzling views of the bay.

The Clarion Hotel has the largest fine dining area in Ocean City. The Crystal Ballroom seats up to 250 guests. There are two smaller venues for more intimate affairs. The Clarion just added a new outdoor pool to accompany its indoor swimming and cabana area. The cuisine at the Clarion is exquisite. They are annual recipients of the Spectators Choice award for their wine selections. Sommelier Richard Heubeck is renowned for his pairings. The Clarion showcases live bands daily inside and on the outside deck during the summer and indoors on weekends all year round.

The Carousel Hotel on 11th st. is home to Ocean City’s only indoor skating rink. During the summer they feature a daily Ice Show. The Carousel has multiple banquet rooms for different sized receptions. Behind the hotel is a lively patio bar that is a great staging area for the groomsmen to meet and unwind before the ceremony. Home of Seasons restaurant, the Carousel has been an Ocean City landmark for decades.

I’ve been fortunate to have a good relationship with all of these splendid venues. To find out more about Ocean City Beach Wedding Packages visit Rox Weddings & Events.

Beautiful Wall Decor Wedding Gifts

When you are looking for the perfect wedding gift, you want a present that will be cherished, used and remembered forever. A wedding gift that can hang on the wall is an ideal gift in all three respects. Choosing a wall décor wedding gift can be tricky, though, unless you take the couple’s personal tastes and sense of design into account when choosing. Here are some helpful hints to make sure that you select a beautiful wall décor wedding gift that will be truly appreciated and loved.

Consider the Style of the Bride and Groom’s Home

When choosing wall décor it is important to remember that this gift is meant to be on display in the bride and groom’s new home. Take stock of the design choices that the couple has made in their personal living spaces and avoid choosing a kitschy wall item if the bride has built her living room around clean, modern Danish lines. Instead, pick a simple design such as a stretched canvas printed with their initials or names in muted colors. For a contemporary living or family room design, consider choosing a wall print or canvas with a sleek, black frame and a colorful, personalized print. If the couple’s taste runs more to the curves of Art Deco, consider opting for a framed design inspired by the elongated curves and almost-abstract art of the Roaring Twenties.

In general, traditional and country styles will be complemented best by personalized prints and art canvases framed in warm or light wood. More modern designs look best with unadorned black or metal frames, or with unframed canvases. Country samplers are ideal for Colonial style living rooms and dens, especially if the print includes calico or adorable animals.

Consider the Personal Taste of the Bride and Groom

If there is a particular motif that is near and dear to the hearts of the bride and groom, you stand a pretty good chance of choosing a gift that they will love if you keep their personal preferences in mind while shopping. Try choosing prints or plaques in their favorite colors and materials, or printed with motifs that hold personal meaning to them. Don’t offer them a floral wall plaque if their tastes run to minimalist modern paintings, and avoid choosing an abstract wall print if they have a country themed kitchen adorned with cute teddy bears. Consider, too, that there are many more kinds of wall decor than just framed prints. Some of the other wall décor wedding gifts that you might consider are wall plaques made of metal, wood or molded resin, and wood plaques carved with the word “love” and the couple’s wedding details, both of which can easily fit into many different décor styles.

Hand painted slate tiles can also be an ideal choice for a rustic or Colonial kitchen, den or family room, and you can even choose one that is painted with traditional wedding icons or ones with more natural scenes.

Another popular wall décor is a stretched art canvas. It is easy to find stunning stretched art canvas designs that make beautiful wedding gifts. Whether you choose a painted Impressionist scene with a pair of love-bird swans or a country rustic saying bordered in twigs and flowers, there are many lovely canvases that can be personalized to make your gift even more extraordinary.

To really stand out, you can always go with a personalized pewter or copper tray wedding present, engraved with the wedding date and names, or a 3-D resin plaque or clock engraved with the wedding couple’s special day details.

Photo Frames

Photo frames are personalized gifts that are always appreciated. When choosing a photo frame, try to keep in mind the general rules of wall décor, choose photo frames and mats that fit with the general décor of the home and do not be afraid to be whimsical or personal. A classic black glass frame is a perfect accent for a modern or contemporary living room, especially when you add the personal touch of a special engraved message. Silver filigree frames are ideal for wedding photos, and wood frames can fit into any style of décor.

If wall hangings seem a bit personal, you might consider a hanging for the outside of their home. A “welcome” slate or plaque personalized with the couple’s married name can make a wonderful gift for the newly married pair.

Whatever gift you choose, personalization is a key part in ensuring that your wedding gift will be special and heartfelt. Think carefully about exactly what to print in the two or three lines you are given. A favored choice is the couple’s names and wedding details, but you might opt to use a personally applicable quote or wedding wish instead. Whichever personalized present you go with, it is sure to be loved and appreciated for years to come.

Reasons To Have Your Nuptial And Wedding Photography Venue At A Barn

Though you don’t live in a farm or that you and your would-be spouse have been “city slickers” all your lives, there is a lot to be said about having a barn wedding.

But before you start conjuring up an image of having your wedding in a barn full of cows, horses and other animals, think again. Barns that are rented as venues for weddings and other events or gatherings are ones that are located in beautiful and sprawling estates. These barns were renovated and refurbished to make them excellent and spacious venues for parties and other gatherings. Aside from the barn, you will certainly find beautiful gardens, landscapes and even a river or lake in such areas, making such venues a really romantic setting for a wedding and for wedding photography shoots.

But why you should choose to have your wedding in a barn? For starters, a barn makes for a rustic, beautiful and comfy venue for the wedding ceremony and/or reception. It’s not a very formal place like hotels, churches or five-star restaurants wherein you and all your guests have to act all prim and proper during the event. When you have a wedding and the reception in a barn, you and everyone else can “let your hair down” and let loose a bit so that this important event can even be more fun, enjoyable and memorable.

Since a barn that is being rented as a wedding venue is usually located in a large estate that also encompasses woodlands, lovely gardens, natural bodies of water and even man-made water features, you won’t run out of amazing places to have your pre- and post-wedding photos taken at. You can have an expert wedding photographer take beautiful photos of you and your loved one in the woodlands, in front of the stunning flowing river, or in any area that is simply teeming with the beauty of nature. As such, barns are also great locations for wedding photography shoots as well.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a rather less traditional and common way to celebrate your wedding, having a barn as the venue will really be a good option. Although a lot of couples are choosing barns as wedding venues, this option is still not as popular or as common as weddings taking place in hotels, gardens, beaches or restaurants. You will really have a memorable and unforgettable one-of-a-kind wedding that will still turn out beautiful and a great event, as long as you make all the essential pre-nuptial preparations.

Planning For A Barn Wedding – Here’s What You Should Consider

The trend of barn weddings is hitting the seventh sky and maximum couples are dreaming of a wedding surrounded with wagon rides, bistro, market, Christmas lights, laces and much more.

It is bit difficult and stressful to plan everything at a barn wedding venue in your city. It is a daunting task as the farms or fields are an open place where there is less availability of a lot of things. Thus, it involves a lot of efforts and time to plan a wedding function at a farm. Such venues hold infinite possibilities for breathtaking photos. Planning a wedding at such farms is quite a tricky task especially when mud, portable restrooms and uninvited bugs are a major factor. Here are listed some wedding snags that you may hit to keep you and your guests happy. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Set aside a budget on barn extras- Not only farms but also every place that isn’t fully serviced is going to charge you extra. You will have to arrange everything including tables, chairs, dishes and other necessary things. You have to incur additional cost for lightening, generators, tents, commercial cleaning of the barn, access to water etc. Besides all this, you’ve to make sure that the farm you have booked for the D-day is licensed and insured to be open to public.
  • Check local sound ordinance rule- If the farm is hired for the night as well, it doesn’t mean that you can play music at the late hours or the early hours of the morning. Whether or not the barn is in a relatively remote location, you should check with the sound ordinance rules in order to know what time your band or DJ should be wrapping up.
  • Mind the grounds- The barn, farms or fields are always perfect from the photography point of view. But, for a barn wedding, you have to make sure that it is even suitable enough for large vehicles i.e. wagons and cars because these transports will be used to transport the elderly guests to your wedding venue. Otherwise, this will become a huge issue for you to find convenient and comfortable means to take your guests to the wedding hall.
  • Make a plan for bugs- The bugs are said to be the uninvited guests at a barn wedding. They are definitely not welcomed by the host and therefore citronella candles and bug sprays are set up around the perimeter of the barn. Make sure that bug sprays are kept in sufficient quantities in the bathrooms, near the entrance so that your guests can easily take advantage of it. If you’re less aware of the barn area, consider chatting with someone who is aware of the area and the bugs to make required plans accordingly.
  • Weatherproof your guests- Parasols and paper fans aren’t just pretty touches to a barn wedding? These two things even become a necessity during hot months. These arrangements are necessary to be done to make your guests feel comfortable so that they can enjoy the ceremony to the fullest.
  • Allergy-proof the area: If the farm area is surrounded with animals and hay bales, it is necessary for you to get the place clean because the smell of animals or the hay and feed can cause allergies to the people present there including the bride and groom. If you want to give an exciting look to your venue, you can use hay bale seats but make sure that you cover them with blankets properly so that it doesn’t harm your guests.
  • Skip stilettos: To all the female guests, you might have to provide flip-flops to comfortably roam around the rustic wedding venue because such a venue are more likely to have rustic floors too i.e. of wood, pebble or even dirt floors. These floor types make it difficult for your female guests to properly walk at the place. Flip flops will help them save from ruining their heels.