Benefits of Having an Autumn Wedding

Many couples getting married dream of a fall wedding when autumn is at the peak of its colorful spectrum. There are many advantages to having a wedding in autumn. For one thing, you don’t have to schedule around your friends’ and families’ vacations. An autumn wedding provides a chance to employ an array of fabulous ideas for décor, food, fashion and more.

Here are just a few to consider as you plan your upcoming nuptials. You can work with your wedding planner and event venue to find the right ones for you.


Unique wedding venues can be the perfect backdrop for a fall wedding. Explore the endless options and you’ll find a variety of legendary locations. Your guests can enjoy the colorful foliage and flowers, and you can throw in some strategically-placed hay bales and pumpkins for extra ambiance. The flower girls can even make their entrance down the aisle on a hay wagon if the couple chooses. Fall foliage also makes the perfect backdrop for wedding photos. An autumn wedding provides a great opportunity to look beyond the usual event spaces.

If the reception is outdoors, make sure that you have a cozy place for guests to stay warm, filled with lanterns, fireplaces, and blankets. If you are having a tented reception, you may want to consider space heaters to keep everyone warm. Just be careful of the fire and safety hazards associated with all of these things, and ensure that the event venue allows them, and has appropriate safety precautions. An inexpensive but stylish blanket for each guest or couple to use during the reception would make a unique and useful wedding favor.


Begin the autumn theme with the invitations. Use seasonal stationery for invitations and reply cards – perhaps something laser-cut with a pinecone, tree or leaf motif. Martha Stewart Weddings suggests enclosing a paper leaf with the invitation for guests to write well-wishes to the couple, which can then be displayed festively at the reception.

You can carry your invitation theme through to the wedding programs, place cards, and escort cards, perhaps adding touches like mini-pumpkins and apples to hold them. Cedar wedding programs and place cards also add a lovely rustic touch.


Warm colors like chocolate and wine are popular colors for fall bridesmaids’ dresses. Some brides choose subtle orange or other rich fall colors. Why not get some light wraps as a gift for your bridesmaids in case it gets chilly as the day turns into evening? A pop of color can transform a dress that will be appreciated by all.

Grey or brown suits are popular fall colors for the groomsmen and ring bearers’ tuxes, with colorful cummerbunds and ties. Why not have boutonnieres of acorns and oak leaves with colorful bows?


Many autumn weddings make use of pumpkins as baskets and centerpieces. Some people even paint them to match their color scheme or use seasonal fruit for place card holders. Pinecones are also popular decorations, as are wreaths. Lanterns make a nice addition to the décor, and help provide heat as well. Decorate with lanterns, candles, pumpkins, leaves, and gourds for a perfect fall look. Why not have a grapevine arbor, or one made of flowers, vines and berries in autumn tones?

If you are having an October wedding, you may choose to go with an orange and a black color scheme. Just be careful to keep it subtle and elegant-unless you really want to make it a Halloween-themed wedding.


The bride and her bridesmaids can carry bouquets accented with greenery, and flowers with rich colors like orange, yellow, and red that accentuate their dresses. Instead of traditional baskets, flower girls can carry small decorated pumpkins down the aisle.

Fall flowers, foliage and vegetables provide an infinite variety of options for centerpieces. A centerpiece of branches, suspended candles, and seasonal flowers can be stunning. Woodsy centerpieces with branches in tall vases add a natural feel.


This is where you can really take advantage of the season, both in the dinner menu and the desserts. Pumpkin or squash soup can be an excellent first course. Hot cocoa, apple cider, s’mores, and candied pecans all make delicious and warm treats. If there will be children there, you may decide to have a trick-or-treat candy buffet.

Wedding Cake

There is no end to the ideas for decorating your wedding cake to match your autumn theme. You can use real or chocolate mini-pumpkins, or decorative leaves which are elegant, pine cones, and berries. Just Google “autumn wedding cakes” and you’ll see that the ideas are boundless.


You can provide your guests with mini-maple syrups, apple cider mix, packets of seedlings, bottles of apple butter, or jellies or jams to remember the day. Pumpkin-spiced soaps are also a festive favor. How about a table with wrapped caramel apples for guests to take home?

These are just a few ideas. Autumn weddings can be as unique as the bride and groom. Go online and get more ideas, and then work with your event planner, venue, and caterers, all of whom probably have even more ideas. Autumn can be a dreary season for some people. There’s nothing like a beautiful, warm autumn wedding to brighten up the season!

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Photographer for Your Big Day

Congratulations on your recent engagement! Before you’re able to fully process the beautiful ring on your finger, everyone is going to be asking, “So when’s the big day?” Once you choose a date and location, the next big thing to tackle is finding the perfect wedding photographer to capture your big day.

When it comes down to it, remember that wedding photographers come in all shapes and sizes. No two are the same. Your best friend may have had a “veteran” who just have to get that perfect pose for every picture. That doesn’t mean you have to have the same! You’re going to get a lot of opinions and unsolicited suggestions from family and friends, but first and foremost you need to remember that this is your big day. No one else’s.

If you’re a younger bride, you may find yourself frustrated that your mom has a strong preference for traditional photographers, rather than the hip, unconventional and modern trends that seem to be prevalent right now. Now, there’s nothing wrong at all with a traditional approach, but thanks to this new age of digital photography, and resources like Pinterest, your options really are limitless. Let your mother know that just because you may have modern, or “unconventional” tastes, doesn’t mean you’re going to skip out on the traditional family shots and whatnot. Every good photographer is going to make sure you get these.

Choosing Your Photographer

So then, how do you go about finding the right photographer for your special day? What questions do you ask? Again, breathe and remember that this is your day, and your photographer is honored to play such an important role in it. Your photographer is there to cater to your needs. Consider the following four questions to help you figure out who will ultimately be capturing the magic of the day.

1. What’s Your Style?

Traditionally, formal photographs were the go-to style. Nowadays, there is a strong preference for photojournalistic (or candid) photography. Do you lean more towards the romantic, posed shots popular on Pinterest? Or do you prefer something more candid, like your dad holding back his tears, your mom laughing with the wedding party, or the guests cutting a rug on the dancefloor? Once you determine the style of photography you want, you’ll find that you can narrow your choices in photographers down significantly. You’ll also find that many photographers are able and willing to tweak their style based on what you want.

2. One or Two Photographers?

Many brides and grooms are making the decision to hire two photographers to shoot the wedding. This is a great way to get two perspectives during the ceremony, with one photographer up close and personal, while the other is at a distance. It also allows you to have the best of both worlds: one photographer can focus on shooting candid shots, while the other is busy posing the wedding party. Take care when booking a second photographer, however, as many photographers have clauses in their contracts that prohibit other photographers working the same events as them.

3. What are the Package Details?

You already know what your photographer is going to provide (your wedding pictures), but how is he/she going to provide it? Will they give you a CD of all of your images (in hi-res so you can print your own with a copyright release), prints, canvases, or full wedding albums? Be sure to get all of the details about your potential photographer’s package options.

4. What’s Your Theme?

Does your wedding have a theme? Some brides and grooms envision rustic or vintage themes, and really let their creativity flow. The end result are unique, memorable wedding photos that they can cherish forever. Before you even begin shopping for a photographer, try to envision exactly how you want your wedding to look (chances are you already have!). It can’t be stressed enough that your wedding is your time to shine, so make it all about you and what you want!

Wedding: Creating the Most Romantic One

Why choose a romantic and unique wedding? Well, the romantics amongst us are always looking for a venue that is different, unique and most importantly special. The Harbour has all these qualities and more. It is probably the most romantic and the most beautiful location.

With its world famous landmarks, the harbour area has many romantic locations that can provide a different and unique setting for any wedding. Therefore, if you want something that is fun-filled, elegant or casual with some of the best landmarks in the world as a backdrop then finding a nice place for your wedding is the best option. There are several locations with pleasant year round climate, pearl-white beaches and blue skies make it the ideal location. What could be more romantic than a casual wedding on a pure white sand beach? Most of the beach locations offer wedding packages that are complete; those on the foreshore of harbour offer the tranquility and serenity of the harbour itself.

If you are planning to get married, you could give your wedding an iconic touch with either the Opera House or the Harbour Bridge in the background making it an especially memorable occasion not only for you and your bride but also for your guests. You will be able to capture your special day forever with an array of spectacular photographs and have these two world famous features as a backdrop. The Opera House and its grounds provide numerous places that are ideal for romantic picture perfect spots.

The city has also been blessed by nature, luxuriant parklands and lush gardens abound and a garden wedding can easily be arranged with swaying trees and abundant blooms. There are garden settings that can offer views of the Opera House, the Bridge, and Fort Denison. Want a mountain top wedding? Then how about Mount Tomah Botanical Gardens as your setting.

So, if you want something that’s an adventure and sensational as well then go for a romantic and unique wedding. Maybe you both fancy climbing to the top of Harbour Bridge with your celebrant and guests tying the knot at the summit. Imagine this, a wedding ceremony 130 meters above water level and overlooking the most beautiful harbour in the world. Then, how about a wedding on the water on a tall ship ceremony? The ship has an element of by-gone days about it that would make your wedding a truly romantic affair. You could exchange your vows under the sails in a rustic setting, under sail or anchored in the harbour. The choice is all yours.

A Catamaran or Showboat wedding is another way of utilizing historic landmarks. You can choose from a variety of menus that will be prepared by a top chef and his team. A wedding organizer can take care of all the details leaving you and your bride to thoroughly enjoy the day without any hassles. With so many different and varied locations to choose from a Sydney wedding is surely one that would never be forgotten by you, your bride or your guests.

Picturesque Fall Wedding Venues

Autumn is one of the most popular times of year to get married, not to mention one of the most beautiful. Enhance the natural beauty of a fall wedding by selecting a location as special as the season. This are some ideas for the most picturesque fall wedding venues.

Nothing says “fall wedding” quite like a rustic barn in the countryside. Think apple orchards, pumpkin patches, and the glorious colors of fall trees. This type of setting captures the special cozy feeling of fall when the crisp chill is in the air, but the sun still feels warm on your face. Play up the rustic charm of a barn wedding with lots of natural decorations. Use hollowed out gourds and pumpkins as centerpiece vessels. Graceful stalks of wheat bundled with satin ribbon make simple but elegant decorations for guest book tables. The bride can wear a dress with a texture that suits the rustic flavor of a barn wedding, such as a slubby silk dupioni gown with handmade wedding jewelry. It is sure to be a wedding that captures all the beauty of autumn perfectly.

An historic inn is another great idea for a fall wedding venue. A charming country inn is a romantic spot to host a wedding ceremony and reception. Look for an inn with lots of personality, such as wide graceful porches, Adirondack chairs on the lawn, and colorful gardens. Line the porch steps with baskets of seasonal mums for a splash of color. Greet your guests with mulled cider, and serve an elegant meal of fresh fall foods like pumpkin risotto and butternut squash. Best of all, the country inn will make a wonderful place to honeymoon.

How about a fall wedding on the side of a mountain? This is a fantastic idea for an early autumn wedding before it gets too cold in the higher elevations. Pick an overlook with a sweeping view of the valley below for the ceremony. The photos will be truly breathtaking. It may get a bit chilly, so in addition to her gorgeous gown and handmade wedding jewelry, the bride will definitely want a cozy wrap for the reception. Plan the wedding to take place when the fall foliage will be at its peak to take advantage of the best that nature has to offer in the autumn. The location will be so stunning that you will need minimal decorations.

Another very picturesque site for an autumn wedding celebration is a vineyard. How beautiful to host a wedding surrounded by lush grapevines full of the fall harvest. Let your celebration include one of the special autumn vintages made by the vineyard. Long family style tables work beautifully for this rustic-chic location. You don’t have to head to Napa or Sonoma for a marvelous vineyard wedding, either. Many states have their own wine-growing regions, with little vineyards which would make ideal wedding venues.

There are many other locations which would be perfect for a fall wedding. It could be a garden, full of autumn annuals or a site overlooking a lake on a crisp fall afternoon. Let creativity be your guide to find the perfect venue for your own beautiful fall wedding celebration.